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Hey stoopid

In this article from a national journal a local shelter is concerned about black cats

It seems that black cats are less photogenic than others, insane right? I hope this is one of a moltitide of clilbait link.

I hope so.

Even if it’s true people really take animals for instagram’s selfies? Strange… because Instagram is full of beautiful black  cats.

just to start I would like to introduce you my despotic, moody, superb, majestic Micia.

Yes we named her Micia, not so unique I know but nobody use the name I chose for her, Nuts (‘cause she is a little bit nuts)

She live with our family since 2004 and she is our first pet, abandoned in our garden from someome without mercy. She was hungry, mangy, underweight and angry.

Anger can be her last name 😄

She found her furever home with us. Having a pet isn’t a game and it isn’t ad easy ad take a picture so if for you is a kind of joke take your money and have them to a shelter to be ok with your conscience.

Being photogenic is not a matter of fur color, Micia is black super photogenic and quite bitchy and we love her despite her temper

I am mr nobody so let’s see  a bouch of VIP instagram profile:

@nathan_thebeachcat 447 000 followers

@tussetroll_and_tingeling 267 000 followers

@sophie_the_model 231 000 follower

Eh is bradley 10 000 likes per photo… the camera loves him!

@iammoshow, sound familiar? Maybe you want a cat for the #BeautifulCatLadyWednesdays ? Let’s say, with his  203 000 followers he also have a beautiful black cat! BRAVO 👏🏻

@boots_and_bear 122 000 followers

@chicagoblackcat 97 400 followers

@monkandbean 95 300 followers

@mainecoonqueens, 75 900 followers

@sammy_merlin 57 500 followers and more than one black cat!

@willowthesquishycat 55 600 followers

@vaal_cat 37 200 followers

@indigo.indy 20 100 followers

@catsofinstagram vi dice niente? 1,4 MILLIONS, I repeat , M I L L I O N S!

Behind the popular account there are two handsome boy Paw Mccartney e Bing Clawsby.

How genius are their name??!

I could end it here but I want to share more images with you

Even Giorgio Armani and Dita Von Teese share their life with a black feline, and remember that Choupette or Olivia are not the only VIP cats

the following photos should have thousands of likes and instead? Less tha 10! unbelievable!

You can be very good but if you can not use social media you will remain without social approval even whit your quality content.

So don’t focus on what you want but on what you can achieve proving you’re good.

You may also found interest in this Italian account

Starting from Clara @petitpoisrose with her Vlad.

The next blacky furry belongs to Yoga – guru Martina Rando @martina_rando (something like 324 thousand followers…) but stays modest with his mini account, isn’t he lovely?

The next photos are a tribute to beautiful cats from Italian accounts that I appreciated while I was documenting this article and I decided to reward in this way.

To conclude I want to share with you a very significant novel to melt your heart Cleo by Helen Brown. Let a story of a black feline and a woman with the worst grief to heal, warm your heart

As well Micia does 14 years ago arrived a few weeks after my grandmother’s loss and helped my mother to get out of sadness.

The perfect cat doesn’ exist, sometimes what you want isn’t exactly what you need and at the end every feline is the perfect one.

And even if I didn’t convince anyone, amen, I will continue pet Micia (and recieve some scratch in response) singing Alice Copper’s hey stoopid  while thinking at stupid people who REALLY thinks black cats are not photogenic or worst they bring bad luck. With my cat mug, black of course!

Look at my face, I regret every form of prejudice
Amy’s view

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