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There is a light that never goes out

Hello beautiful people, Valentine’s Day is near and I can’t be more bothered, I don’t like it for obvious and trivial reasons, why should we calebrate something that it should always be there? Anyway it bother me but not so much in fact in this is that particular period of the year I celebrate an important anniversary, love can make us weird 😉

Do you remember the exact moment you realize to love your partner? I do, with pleasure! It’s not exactly a “right” one it is just a moment that changed forever your perception probably destabilized and embarassed you but made you feel good 😁 Tell us if you want.

There is this obsession of finding our halves, like we were born with a lack, is this true? I don’t think so, instead of finding a half you deserve to find a destination, if this destination include a second person good for you! Start a journey, work on yourself.

Find a person that make you feel partner-in-crime. I Know… I’m a little obsessed by this series 😅 whatch it and you will not regret it. The end of the f***ing word, Netflix.

Now, if you want to survive the social pressure of a festivity that it’s not a festivity, look at these suggestions

Sexy and shameless, over the top lingerie make me feel confidence, don’t you? I am the queen of odd underwear, I don’t know why, maybe beacause I’m lazy but I also like to match the unmatchable, so when I wear something extravagant I feel powerful. Brazilian and nipple cover with a very big bow, that make them unwearable under every dress, make them perfect if you have plans 😂 plans that involve unpacking a gift 😂


Cute and cuddly: a cup of heartwarming chocolate to share or not, you can take double for your pleasure,  you are always in time for workout 😎

Otherwise, as above, the truck will be more satisfying to unwrap 😂

Someone seems to appreciate.

Mugs were in Tiger stores in 2017 I don’t know if they are still on sell, they are a little small and not so comfy to use, but, they look amazing!

Then, February is the worst for cold and flu we want to wish all the best with these little hearts (from Tiger) a ❤️ a day keeps the doctor away. With or without your sweetheart, be sweet yourself first of all.


Late ladies and gentleman if you feel the need of give away something I gave you a couple of kitsch and low cost ideas, at worst you can propose a Netflix-and-chill, fierce! 😉


The song title is from the Smiths and for me represent what love is, the privilege of standing beside, even in death  And if a double-decker bus crashes into us to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die. And if a ten ton truck kills the both of us to die by your side, well, the pleasure, the privilege is mine. But also a light that don’t wanto to burn out. There is a light that never goes out.


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I’m not sweet, I’m glazed with anger

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